Hippo Skull

Back Story:  Hippo skull was inspired by a photo I received from Joe, who is lucky enough to work in a place where hippo skulls sometimes come in for repair.  It must be nice to work in an interesting place like that!  For my dinosaur book I researched many skeletons.  This hippo skull really sparked my interest. 

February 18, 2016.  The following sequence of photos shows the step-by-step progress of a painting I call Hippo Skull.  In this first wash, you can see the pencil lines of the skull drawing showing through.   

Hippo 1

February 19, 2016.  Step 2.  Painting hippos, and sparkly flowers for them to enjoy!  Skull will be done in the next step.

Hippo skull 2

February 20, 2016.  Step 3.  Today I got to begin painting in the skull shape.


February 21-22, 2016.  Step 4.  Skull shape is complete now, and I have begun shading and colors of the beautiful skull.   Also, now hippo on left has feet, and flowers have centers.Hippo 5
February 24, 2016.   Almost there!  The skull is finished with colors and shading.  I need to step away from this painting for a while.  Then I will add the last few things it needs to be a finished painting.

 Hippo 6

March 3, 2016.  Completed!  The finishing touches I added include:  orbital socket rounded out on top, an additional groovy flower inserted for compositional purposes, paisley sparkles now float in the sky, and finally an additional, small tooth at the bottom of the skull.  This painting will be exhibited in April 2016 at the Sherburne County Government Center.Hippo final

Hippo Skull, 2016.  20×28 Acrylic and watercolor on hardboard.