Artist Statement: 

My paintings connect to the natural world with the intuitive force that is constantly in motion and revolving in our lives.  The goal is to open a portal that may take the viewer someplace unexpected, and give a feeling of reflection or peace.

Stephanie works as a full-time artist based in Aitkin, Minnesota under the business name Otter Creations.  As winner of the 2012 PACIM Cultural Exchange Artist competition, she traveled to and exhibited a solo show of her paintings in the tourist district of Warsaw, Poland (Zadra Gallery).  She has received several jury awards at Fine Art fairs throughout the Midwest over the last 15 years.  Additionally, grants from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, including a Technology/Equipment Grant October 2016, have allowed her to pursue specific artistic directions.

From surreal dreamscapes, abstract patterns, to the portrayal of nature, the focus of Stephanie’s artwork is to get underneath the everyday view of the world around us and to capture a moment.  She enjoys working with texture, which she incorporates into her acrylic, watercolor and mixed media paintings.  The use of different papers, including collage effects and found items, provide an additional base for exploring and expanding her artistic landscape.